Hand Raised Chicks and Pullets from Wake Forest, NC

Little Birdie Chicken Farm and Hatchery

Little Birdie Hatchery Feeds

We have partnered with Mule City Feeds to design and produce locally sourced feeds for the backyard flock.  The grains that go into our feeds are grown in North Carolina, they are fresh, mixed in small batches, and use the highest quality ingredients. No pesticides are used in growing or drying of the feed.

LBH Super Chick Starter 23%: 

This chick starter has 23% protein. The highest available.  The vitamins and minerals added exceed minimum daily nutritional requirements.
25 lb bag: $11.95
50 lb bag: $19.95
or by the pound @ $1/lb

LBH Happy Hen Natural Whole Grain Layer Ration:

This layer ration is based on a whole grain diet that more fully engages the digestive system of the layer, thus improving nutrient absorption.  The protein content is 17%, which supports the typical eating habits of a backyard flock. It also has added flax seed for improved omega-3's in the eggs.

50lb bag: $17.95

Pine Bedding:

Pine Bedding for the Coop and Brooder: We have discovered a locally produced pine shaving product, specifically manufactured for animal care.  These shavings are made in North Carolina using North Carolina trees.  It is made directly from the raw product and is not a by-product from another process. 

$8.00 per bag. Expands to 9.0 cu.ft.

Quantity Discounts
3 to 9 bags: $7.50 per bag
10 or more bags: $7.00 per bag