About Little Birdie Hatchery

Little Birdie Chicken Farm and Hatchery

Hand Raised Chicks and Pullets from Wake Forest, NC

We are a family of 5 living on the outskirts on Wake Forest, NC.  Mike (Dad) studied Poultry Science at NC State many years ago, but has never earned his living in this field.  After moving to the country about 9 years ago, he decided to get 5 chickens for fun and for fresh backyard eggs. Ben (Son), took an immediate interest in the project and began reading and learning everything he could about chickens. Several months later, he declared that he wanted to study poultry science and expressed a desire to raise some chickens of his own so he could sell eggs.

What we have now is a family business that is primarily a father/son venture. It was Ben's initial investment of his birthday money that we used to build several chicken tractors to raise money for the coop and starter flock.  Now we maintain a permanent flock of 20 different breeds.  We have a brooding shed for raising the "little birdies". And we run a large incubator to help keep up with demand.

Ben's main focus is on raising chicks to sell to small backyard flock owners.  He likes to keep small batches of birds so that he can interact and handle them as often as possible.  Our hope is that the little birdies you get from us will be calmer and more used to human contact.  He does 90% of the care of the birds and runs a tight, clean operation.

We have grown to now offer a wide range of poultry supplies as well as many breeds of baby chicks. We offer our own brand of feed specially designed for backyard for laying chickens and chicks. Our shavings are manufactured from North Carolina trees in North Carolina. We also have all the supplies needed to raise baby chicks and to take care of adult chickens.

Because we have had trouble keeping up with demand, we decided to grow into a hatchery as well.  Mike takes care of this side of the business, as well as he continues to build and offer coops and trough feeders.

All phone and internet traffic is handled by Ben, as well as the scheduling of appointments. For any questions about the hatchery, what we have to offer or any general chicken questions feel free to contact us. Like us on Facebook: Little Birdie Chicken Farm and Hatchery


Q. Does Little Birdie Hatchery sell chicks all year long?

A. We hatch chicks almost weekly for the whole year so that means that we offer chicks all year long. 

Q. Does Little Birdie Hatchery have operating hours?

A. We have hours available. Please be advised they can change daily due to my kids' schedules.

Q. Do I need to get all of one breed or can I have a mixed flock?

A. Chickens do not care if another chicken looks different. I personally have about 30 different breeds in my main flock.

Q. Does Little Birdie Hatchery sell laying hens?

A. We do not offer laying hens. We only have baby chicks and very rarely will we offer ready to go outside pullets. However, we offer all the supplies that you will need to raise them.

Q. What do I need to raise baby chicks?

A. The main difference between raising baby chicks and having adult chickens is that baby chicks need supplemental heat. The baby chicks also need a different feed than older chickens because they need more protein to help them grow. Everything else is the same. Both baby chicks and adult chickens need shavings, waterers, feeders and a place to live.

Q. Can Little Birdie Hatchery ship chicks and supplies?

A. We are still a small local hatchery and we are not set up to ship yet.

Charity Chicks

Little Birdie Hatchery is partnering with Interfaith Food Shuttle to give chickens to at risk teens and families who live at or below the poverty level.  If you donate a chick, LBH will match your gift with another chick.  To donate a chick (two with the LBH match) send $5 to Little Birdie Hatchery at 905 Tamaras Circle, Wake forest, NC 27587.  Make your check payable to Interfaith Food Shuttle.  We will make sure it gets to them. Or, you can donate while you are at the hatchery.

Charity Chicks donated to date: 232