Hand Raised Chicks and Pullets from Wake Forest, NC

Catawba Coop Chicken Tractor: $415  (Optional Wheel kit is $45)

  • These are made to order.  They are based on the plans written by David Bissett.  If you are interested in building your own coop, his plans are available at:

We have the following Little Birdies available  all females

Little Birdie Chicken Farm and Hatchery

Available Chicks:

From 10/4 Hatch:

Ameraucana: $7

Barred Rock: $6

Buff Orpington: $6

Silver Laced Wyandotte: $7

From 10/16 Hatch:

Black Austrolorp: $6

Black Copper Maran: $17

Blue Splash Maran: $19

Lavender Orpington: $30

Updated 10/20/2017 @ 4:50 pm

Click here to see our Chick Plan

All chicks are vaccinated for Mareks. 


Our Pullet Guarantee: When we get chicks from another hatchery, they come with a 90% accuracy in sexing.  We realize that most people want hens only.  So we offer a guarantee.  If you happen to get a rooster that was supposed to be a pullet, bring him back.  We will either trade him for another chick, or give you credit toward another chick the next time you add to your flock.  Please be aware that we will rarely have same age chicks to trade for your rooster. (This guarantee is limited to a rooster  max 20 weeks old or younger. We are not able to accept back roosters that are older. Also, this guarantee does not apply to silkies since they are sold as straight run.) 

Cockerels: We also are now selling baby cockerels. The breeds we are offering are the red and black sex links. These breeds are great for flock protection or meat. Each is $1.





Outdoor Trough Feeder: $79.

These are made to order.  They are my own design.  I will eventually have plans available.  We have a flock of 30+ laying hens.  When we used the round hanging type feeders, we always had a lot of wasted feed.  It adds up when you have as many birds as we do.  Switching to the trough feeders has cut our feed bill in half.

You can also see Mike building one of these at the following link:

  • The wheel kit has been refined from the one shown in the picture.  The new kit is attached to the coop and is flipped under one side by foot.
  • DE is a natural way to keep your Little Birdies free of pests and internal parasites.  We add about 1 cup to every 50 lb. bag of feed.  It keeps the feed bug free and will keep your birds clear of intestinal worms.  We also add this to the dust bath to keep them free of mites and lice.  Sprinkled on the nest boxes and over the coop litter, it will keep parasites and flies away. (Actually kills the insect larvae before they hatch.) 
We now offer all the equipment and supplies needed to successfully brood your own chicks and care for your flock! 
Available In-Store (Our Garage Workshop):
  • Sav-A-Chick Vitamin Supplement

  • Sav-A-Chick Probiotic

  • Chick Drinker bases

  • Chick Feeder bases

  • Plastic quart jars for bases

  • Chick Trough Feeders

  • Brooding Lamps

  • Infrared Bulbs

  • Drinkers and Feeders for Full Grown Chickens

  • Oyster Shell

  • Corid, Permectrin, Blu-Kote

  • Happy Hen Mealworm Frenzy

  • Heated 3 gallon Waterer

  • Chicken and chick treats

diaper cake


If you have your own fertile eggs that you would like incubated, we offer custom incubating for $1 per egg.  Our incubator is state of the art and computer driven for optimum hatch rates.  We will also place your eggs in a "heritage breed" basket within the hatching tray 3 days before the scheduled hatch. This insures that you get your own birds back from your own eggs.

We are always looking for new suppliers of fertile eggs.  If you have a flock of pure breed standard size chickens, please let us know and we will add you to our breeders list.

  • A note about biosecurity: We take it seriously.  The last thing we want to do is send you home with chicks that are carrying a disease.  Unlike a farm supply store, our brooders are not open to the general public.  If you do not currently have chickens, then no problem.  You are welcome to go where you want and touch what you want.  If you already have chickens, then we cannot let you into our coop.  We also ask that you not handle any of the chicks until you have made the decision to purchase them. Regardless of the security measures we take, we still recommend that if you are adding new birds to an existing flock to observe a quarantine period of 4 to 7 days.  This gives the majority of infections time to incubate and manifest symptoms before they have a chance to expose your flock.

Other Products Available:

Diatomaceous Earth (PermaguardFood Grade Agricultural Use): $14.95 for a 6lb container.
Pictures taken from our own supply:


Available Roosters:


Cuckoo Maran Rooster 14 weeks old: $8

Cuckoo Maran Rooster 14 weeks old: $8

Rehoming Roosters: 

We always do our best to rehome any rooster that comes back. If you are interested in a rooster we often have some for sale. Just email us if you would like one or a particular breed of rooster and we will contact you if and when we get a rooster in. 

​​​Fertile Hatching Eggs

We often have extra hatching eggs available.  If you have a broody hen or would like to hatch your own, give us a call for availability and prices.